James Skrmetta Experience #2

We back! The sequel is always better than the original, right?… Right?!


*Tyrann Mathieu sits in a hot car – 0:37
*James takes on the Honeybadger – 1:21
*Shark attacks surfer on live TV – 4:14
*North West baptism pictures – 5:12
*We get new pictures of Pluto – 5:30
*Dad destroys kid with giant soccer ball – 6:04
*Backstreet Boys and Nsync making a movie – 6:46
*MLB All Star Game – 7:20

One thought on “James Skrmetta Experience #2

  • October 17, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    lol not a big follwer of justin To be real he has two tacks that I listen to. But what else can you expect from this guy. Justin just being Justin


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