Braves Security Guard Handles a Foul Ball Situation Perfectly….JK He Ruins Everything

And to your left kids we have a security guard taking his job way too seriously. I don’t know if this guy had the over on the game or what but he was PISSED at that fella for handling the ball. You could tell the second he hopped the railing he was out for blood. You want to know the very last thing in the whole world he cared about? That kid. The second to last thing he cared about? That kid’s feelings.

I always thought this was a pretty weird rule to immediately eject fans for mistakingly thinking a ball is foul. Everything is happening so fast it really can be hard to tell. Unfortunately I know exactly how the kid felt. My dad got tossed from a Braves game at Turner Field for hopping between the wall and the stands to get a ball during batting practice. Security swarmed him real quick and launched him in the streets while I tried to survive in Turner at about 11 years of age.

The Braves ending up fixing the situation by giving the kid a team signed ball, which is a nice gesture. Someone now just needs to have a long talk with that security guard explaining why there’s no need to wear wristbands unless you’re actually playing and why being a security guard isn’t that big a deal.

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